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Item Number: NEWS

Length: 36"
Width: 24"

A 25lb bundle of newsprint is a clean, light colored, unprinted, lightweight sheet that is used in packaging applications for wrapping, interior cushioning, and interleaving. Because the pulp newsprint is made from does not undergo the same chemical process as either Offset or Kraft papers, newsprint will tend to yellow and deteriorate over extended periods of time. 

Newsprint is the paper of choice in both the retail, moving and storage industries for wrapping and packing fragile items. It conforms and protects glass and china better than other paper. It is an economical dunnage material widely used to stuff shipping boxes for catalog retailers and fulfillment houses. Because the sheet is absorbent it is ideal for packing cartons containing bottles of liquids. Newsprint is often used between sheets of glass or laminates to prevent scratching. Likewise, it can be used between sheets of plastic to eliminate them sticking together.

Minimum Order: 25

Sold By : LBS